West-Mont Christian Academy

West-Mont Christian Academy, with a commitment to a Christian worldview, seeks to maintain the following Core Values:


 Christ-Centered Education – We seek to provide discipleship and mentoring to our students with biblically founded truth at the heart of all instruction.

 Excellence In Mission – We seek to offer a wealth of wholesome learning opportunities to our students, providing instruction with innovative and effective delivery so that each student achieves to their own level of excellence.

 Each Student Is Unique – We seek to develop the God-given abilities and passions of each student, allowing them to discover God’s individual purpose for their lives. This is carried out through the belief that every individual has infinite value and bears the image of Christ, since they are created in God’s likeness.

 Leadership – We seek to mentor each of our students as servant-leaders by providing focus to the role model of Christ Jesus.

 Serving the Community – We seek to develop strong relationships between faculty, parents, and students, striving to meet each other’s needs, which will naturally be demonstrated in an evangelical outreach to the surrounding community.

 Partnering with Parents – We seek to develop a strong collaboration between faculty/staff and parents, under the guidance of the parent-elected West-Mont Christian Academy School Board, to nurture our students, allowing us to function as an extended WCA family.

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West-Mont Christian Academy

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